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Filmed during the Meeting of the Minds live event in 2016, this course comprises a series of 9 succinct presentations, as well as a detailed Q&A session with some of the world’s leading fitness thinkers and innovators.

From programming and emotional connections to behaviour change and movement evolution, the thought leaders in the world of PT present their unique and thought-provoking insights into the topics that they believe to be critical to the future of personal training. 

Learning outcomes

  • How the body functions at a cellular level
  • 6 lessons to becoming an effective personal trainer
  • Human movement and how it relates to foot function
  • Psoas muscle testing and function simplified
  • The importance of learning new movements and experiencing load in the full movement spectrum for the body and brain
  • Building effective relationships with your clients to make a foundation for change
  • Understanding your scope of practice and knowing when to refer a client to a counselor 
  • The journey of personal training
  • In-depth system biology for fitness professionals
  • Strategies to help your clients develop habits that support the changes they desire
Accreditation Fitness Australia – 5 CECs* / REPs NZ – 5 CPDs (*valid until 31/08/2022)
In order to obtain Fitness Australia CECs, this course must be completed by 31/08/2022
Investment $109 members / $139 non-members
Delivery mode Online video presentation
Pre-requisite/s Certificate III in Fitness
Approx. duration 7 hours
Assessment Online multiple choice
Access Period You have 12 months from date of purchase to complete this course. A $50 extension fee will be required if you do not complete your course within the allocated time frame. If you wish to obtain the CECs/PDPs/CPDs, you will need to complete the course by the CEC expiry date listed above.   

Meet the course presenters

PAUL TAYLOR, MSc Exercise Science, MSc Human Nutrition
Paul is the creator of the BioAge software and the director of The Body-Brain Performance Institute, where he provides Peak Performance programs to executives in leading international companies. He is also the joint founder/owner of Acumotum, a Melbourne-based studio focusing on body and brain fitness. Paul regularly appears on the Biggest Loser TV series as a consultant and is widely published in health and fitness publications.

Tony is a personal trainer and director of the Sydney-based Boutagy Fitness Institute, a strength training facility for personal training clients and an educational centre for personal trainers. He is a research fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast and on the editorial board of the Journal of Fitness Research. Tony is a former recipient of Australian Fitness Network’s Author of the Year award.

A podiatrist and human movement specialist, Emily is the founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy and creator of the Barefoot Training Specialist®, BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist and BARE® Workout certifications for health and wellness professionals. With over 14 years in the fitness industry, she has dedicated her medical career to studying postural alignment and human movement as it relates to foot function and barefoot training.

With a background in physiotherapy and kinesiology, Douglas is the developer of the Be Activated system for achieving both immediate and long-term results when working with the body. In addition to using it in his own practice with elite sportspeople and teams, Douglas’ pioneering approach is used globally in a wide variety of settings, with health and fitness professionals he has trained applying it with their everyday clients and patients.

Mike is a fitness innovator who focuses strongly on bodyweight training, skills-based practices and multi-planar, fluid movement. As the founder/president of Global Bodyweight Training (GBT), he has developed numerous projects providing training, education, and promotion of bodyweight training disciplines, and is the creator of the popular Animal Flow program. Mike has been featured in Men’s Health, Shape, and Fitness magazine, and appeared on The Doctors and Good Morning America.

LISA CHAMPION, MSc (Ex Sci) Grad Dip (Counselling)
Lisa is a multi-talented counsellor, exercise professional, educator and author. As a director of Australian Fitness Network she has positively influenced the development of the fitness industry in Australia for over 25 years. Her work as an exercise therapist specialising in pain issues lead to a counselling degree so that she could help clients grow and make positive changes through better self-awareness and understanding. Lisa is passionate about encouraging fitness professionals to enhance the mind-body connection through mindfulness.

Ian is a business owner, educator, trainer, author, Master Trainer and mentor. He focuses on many of the controversial facets of training and constantly challenges traditional methodology to strive for optimal wellness and performance through more intelligent motion. By transforming complex science and research into user-friendly applications, he has helped clients across a spectrum of pain and dysfunction, from the sedentary to chronically injured and elite.

Known for his dynamic and provocative style, Bobby is an internationally renowned speaker, bestselling author and consultant who develops and inspires trainers, managers and industry leaders globally to create remarkable results. The co-founder of PTA GLOBAL, he is currently the director of coaching for 24 Hour Fitness, and has held numerous positions in the industry, including personal trainer, sales consultant, corporate training and development director and director of professional development for the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

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