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Women aren’t just ‘little men’.

Hormonal, metabolic, cognitive, and behavioural differences abound that set your female clients apart from their male counterparts, all of which influence the way they train and the results they seek.

From mental health, menopause and mindset, to pelvic floor and programming,  the Ultimate Women’s Training Toolbox covers the critical ages, stages and specific considerations that every women’s fitness professional should know.

In this five-part course you’ll:

  • Learn the specific anatomical and physiological details that make women and men so incredibly different
  • Uncover the complex relationship that exists between self esteem, food, body image, exercise, menstruation and mental health for training and coaching
  • Explore specific progressive overload techniques for developing female-centric training programs
  • Learn the particular strength training parameters that apply to women of all ages
  • Discover the current protocols and guidelines for delivering exercise that keeps expectant mothers happy, healthy and safe
  • Understand the physical and psychological changes that women in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond experience and how this impacts their training approach.
Accreditation Fitness Australia – 5 CECs* / REPs NZ – 5 CPDs (*valid until 15/10/2023)
In order to obtain Fitness Australia CECs, this course must be completed by 15/10/2023
Investment $119 members / $149 non-members
Delivery mode 5 online video presentations
PLEASE NOTE: video presentations are delivered online so a fast and reliable internet connection is required
Pre-requisite/s N/A
Approx. duration 5 hours
Assessment Online multiple choice
Access Period You have 12 months from date of purchase to complete this course. A $50 extension fee will be required if you do not complete your course within the allocated time frame. If you wish to obtain the CECs/PDPs/CPDs, you will need to complete the course by the CEC expiry date listed above.

Video 1: Strength training for women – the latest research by Tony Boutagy & Claire Norgate
Join Tony and Claire as they look at strength training recommendations for women, how they differ to those for men, and discover how training changes across the age groups.

Video 2: Working with exercise and body obsessed female clients by Nardia Norman
A small subset of female clients take exercise and healthy habits to the extreme, developing a ‘more is better’ approach that causes physical and psychological harm. Join Nardia as she discusses why this mentality leads to destructive lifestyle choices, how to identify high risk clients that may require referral and how to support them back to health.

Video 3: Redefining strength- Cultivating internal and external strength by Nardia Norman
Only a small percentage of women use resistance training to help them reach their weight loss goals, meaning they are missing out on all the benefits that come with lifting weights. Join Nardia as she discusses the ‘strong is the new skinny’ concept, how to build a good foundation of strength to optimise potential, and why strength training is the key to long-term emotional and physical wellbeing.

Video 4: Pregnancy Fitness: Myths, Controversies & Training considerations by Shira Kramer
Training clients that are pregnant, or planning to become so, can be daunting. It needn’t be. Join Shira for this interactive session in which she uncovers the training principles and considerations for clients, from preconception to pregnancy and beyond.

Video 5: Women rock! Fit at 40, 50 and beyond by Krista Popowych
Krista discusses challenges faced by 40+ year-old female clients – including a battle with fat cells, a changing body and everyday life responsibilities. Join her to learn how to effectively work with this clientele to help them feel better and look great. Good for their body and good for your business’ bottom line.

Meet your presenters

Presenter- Tony Boutagy
Tony is a personal trainer and director of the Sydney-based Boutagy Fitness Institute, a strength training facility for personal training clients and an educational centre for personal trainers. He is a research fellow at the University of the Sunshine Coast and sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Fitness Research. Tony is a former recipient of Australian Fitness Network’s Author of the Year award.

Presenter- Claire Norgate
Claire has spent the past 30 years studying health and wellness and has a passion for simplifying the complexities of the human body. Her varied occupations, including those of midwife, yoga teacher and academic, have inspired her to share her knowledge with her peers. Claire currently runs a successful personal training business, teaches group exercise classes and develops instructor training courses.

Presenter- Nardia Norman
Recipient of Australian Fitness Network’s Personal Trainer of the Year award 2014, Nardia is a fitness industry expert with over 15 years’ experience in personal training, coaching and educating fitness leaders. An integrative training expert, she is renowned for her effective coaching methods and ability to guide clients and students to fulfil their true potential.

Presenter- Shira Kramer
Shira is one of Australia’s leading women’s health and fitness professionals. An experienced physiotherapist, fitness leader, presenter and business leader, she is the founder of BeActive, a successful enterprise that has consulted to over 4,000 women at various stages of their pre- and post-natal journeys. A renowned global speaker and mentor for women’s health and wellness, Shira is passionate about keeping women active during all ages and stages throughout life.

Presenter- Krista Popowych
Krista has been inspiring fitness leaders, trainers and managers for over two decades with her motivating and on-trend sessions. Her outstanding commitment to fitness education has seen her named canfitpro’s 2016 Fitness Presenter of the Year and IDEA’s 2014 Fitness Instructor of the Year. A highly sought instructor, trainer and educator, Krista is the Global Director of Group Education for Keiser®. She is also a TV personality, DVD creator and Adidas 3-stripe team sponsored member.

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