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Australian Fitness Network Privacy Policy.

Australian Fitness Network (AFN) adheres to the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Privacy Act 1988) of the management and handling of personal information about individuals. This includes the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information, and access to and correction of that information by Australian Fitness Network (AFN) personnel.

Collection of personal information.

AFN may collect personal details such as staff, clients’ and learners’ records of name, contact address and phone numbers, emergency contact details, emails, medical history and conditions/ impairments/ disabilities/ health status, education background, employment status, place of birth, photo identification such as passport or drivers license details and credit/ bank details for legal, tax obligations or enrolment information required to provide suitable training and assessment services to comply with AVETMISS standards.

How the information is collected.

Individual information is collected only for the purposes of the particular activity in line with meeting any legislation or regulatory requirements. Such collection of information at AFN may include acquisition of staff, conference registrations, enrolment forms for education courses, payment requirements, online and magazine subscriptions, memberships, surveys and feedback forms.

The collection of this information can come directly from an individual through or via the AFN (, fitnessU (, FILEX ( websites, any electronic forms or hardcopy forms by any correspondence in writing, over the phone or in person. Where applicable information may be collected from a parent or guardian if an individual is under the age of 18.

How the information is held.

AFN documents and implements procedures to assure the integrity, accuracy and currency of staff, (unrelated to employment records), learner, customer and prospect records. All personal information and data is transferred and stored to a central, internal database system and on a Student Management System (SMS) and Learning Management System (LMS). All learner and client file notes are documented on the learner and client database, which automatically dates and stores the interactions. Student enrolment records are kept for a period of 30 years.

All learner assessment results are kept in hard copy for 6 months after the learner has completed the course. They are kept in a locked cupboard on the premises. After 6 months the hard copy files are then placed in a security bin to be destroyed. Assessment results are entered into the learner database, backed up each week and stored off the AFN premises in a 3rd party storage security facility. This 3rd party storage security facility is committed to and bound by the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act.

All personal information such as phone numbers, emails and assessment results are entered into the Student Management System (SMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) and backed up daily from an off-site location.

Data quality

AFN takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information held is accurate and up-to-date. These steps include responses to correct personal data and periodic audits and data quality inspections.

How the information is used and disclosure of personal information.

AFN uses the specified personal information for the purposes of meeting VET requirements for enrolment into course qualifications, awarding qualifications, meeting any funding requirements and reporting requirements for data collection for audit purposes. AFN will not disclose any information about a learner, staff member, customer or prospect to a third party unless their consent has been granted.

Any confidential information about committees, students will be safeguarded by AFN and kept in locked computer files and storage cupboards. These files are password locked to ensure privacy. AFN takes all reasonable care to ensure that the personal information is protected from loss, misuse or alteration. AFN also has electronic security systems in place to protect your personal information transmitted through its website.

AFN will, on occasion, use personal information to conduct marketing campaigns of AFN’s, its sponsors and partners in business products and services. AFN will also ensure there is a clear and simple way for a client, learner or staff member to opt-out of it, and any further marketing campaigns.

AFN’s billing supplier EzyPay stores and handles credit-related personal information. This credit supplier is permitted to disclose to credit reporting bodies for inclusion on individuals’ credit reports. AFN will take reasonable steps to ensure that EzyPay adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) Act 2012.

Accessing personal information and correction of information.

Access to personal information or records may be obtained by contacting staff of AFN. All individuals will be screened to ensure correct identity before disclosing any form of personal information that may include, online log in details, academic records, enrolled courses, membership details, venue dates or locations, due dates or amending of any personal information such as contact details, contact numbers, bank account details etc. Alternatively amending of personal online profiles can be completed via an individual’s secured login and password protected profile online.

Grievance or complaints.

If you have any grievance or complaints relating to any privacy matters, please contact the AFN privacy officer at this email address: All concerns will be reviewed and recorded in writing and registered on a complaints register where it will be treated with confidentiality.

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