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What will the workouts you deliver be like? Motivating experiences which energise participants and ignite a lifelong passion for movement, or a clock-watching drag that participants feel obliged rather than compelled to do? The choice is yours.

In this two-part course you’ll:

  • Learn how to set the scene for a safe, supportive and successful class during your introduction.
  • Explore the elements of Starting the Class – the Warm Up, and gain some ideas for mobility warm ups, circuit style warm ups and equipment-based warm ups.
  • Explore the elements of The Business End – the Conditioning Phase, and learn how to use elements of variation, including Modifications, Progressions and Regressions and Progressive Overload in group fitness formats.
  • Explore the elements of the Closing – the Cool Down, and gain some ideas for recovery, types of flexibility stretching and effective ways to close your class.
  • Learn the 7 Step Planning Process to create classes.
  • Be aware of Safety in the Studio, including risk management, use of equipment and safe exercise selection.
  • Explore and understand the Components of Music including the Structure of a Song, The Importance of Music, Music Selection, Beats, Phrases and Blocks, Music Mapping, Music Speed & Beats Per Minute (BPM) and Music Volume.
  • Understand Music Copyright and your responsibilities when using music in your classes.
  • Explore the elements of circuit training and learn how to design Session Plans for circuit classes.
Accreditation Fitness Australia – 2 CECs* / REPs NZ – 2 CPDs (*valid until 16/11/2021)
In order to obtain Fitness Australia CECs, this course must be completed by 16/11/2021
Investment $69 member / $79 non-member
Delivery mode Online reading and video presentations
PLEASE NOTE: video presentations are delivered online so a fast and reliable internet connection is required
Pre-requisite’s All attendees should hold at least a Certificate III in Fitness or equivalent
Approx. duration 2 hours
Assessment Online multiple choice
Access Period You have 12 months from date of purchase to complete this course. A $50 extension fee will be required if you do not complete your course within the allocated time frame. If you wish to obtain the CECs/PDPs/CPDs, you will need to complete the course by the CEC expiry date listed above.   

Chapter 1: Class Structure
As an instructor, you are in a privileged position to create change in people’s lives. Your class introduction is the first opportunity you have to set the scene for the experience to follow.

Chapter 2: Class Planning
How do you turn the vision in your head into reality? By creating a blueprint of what you want the class to be, and forming a roadmap to reach it.  

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